Features to Monetize On Backstage

1 min read

Locked Posts: Backstage allows creators to create both free and gated content. Creators can create posts accessible only for paid members enticing fans to become paid subscribers or creators can create posts locked by coins to incentives fans to purchase more coins.

Exclusives: Creators can create exclusives that are only accessible to fans who pay a certain amount of coins to unlock them. An exclusive can be anything like a link to an unlisted YT video or a pdf snippet from the creators’ book, a bonus episode of a video series, etc. which would entice fans to part with coins. Video, Audio, pdf, link, or image can be exposed as an exclusive on Backstage.

Auctions: Creators can auction items or experience Backstage. Whether it be Signed memorabilia, event tickets, or a lunch, Creators can leverage auctions in numerous ways. Creators can set a minimum price from where the bidding should start and the duration of the auction. Fans compete to win the auction and claim the price/experience.