Collaboration features on Backstage

2 min read

Challenges: Challenges are a simple and fun way for Creators to crowdsource ideas, and engage with their loyal fans.

As a Creators, you can leverage fans for suggestions on next content idea, thumbnail design, or anything else you can think of. Fans can then submit their ideas and vote on their favorites, giving you valuable insight and feedback on what they want to see from you.

Creators can also use Challenges to host giveaways and offer rewards to fans. This is a great way to give fans a chance to get closer to the Creator and feel like they are part of the creative process.

Hypelinks: Hypelinks are a way for Creators to give viral through people & not algorithms. Let’s say you’re a musician and you’ve released a new single on Spotify. Now you want to get people to discover your new song. To hype this up, simply launch a new hypelink mission and add the URL for your new song and let your fans hype it up for you.

Each of your fans gets a unique URL for the link to your content. They can then share this link with their friends, family, and followers. Each time someone clicks on their links to go to your Spotify single, backstage records it as a hit and builds up a leaderboard of top fans who are hyping your content up.

As a reward for their efforts, you can offer them exclusive perks or benefits. Hype links are a great way for you to engage your fans and incentivize them to help you go viral.